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Our Story

Knowledge and experience do not come easy. They are earned through hard work over many, many years. After pursuing individual careers in the Information Technology field across several industries, Ann Haehn and Charlie Stowell found a new purpose. They saw that by joining together as partners, they would leverage their combined 75 years of business experience into a valuable asset for their clients.

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Vision

Utilizing lean approaches, we deliver high-quality services with speed and agility, resulting in rapid value realization for our clients.

At XPM2, our specific focus is on:

  • eXtreme Post-Merger Integration
  • eXtreme Project Management
  • eXtreme Product Marketing
  • eXtreme Professional Management Writing

Meet The Partners

We are pleased to tell you a little about ourselves and how we came together to start a consulting practice.

Meet Our Team

We are pleased to introduce our team of expert consultants.

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