With product marketing and product management, one of the key questions to ask is “if the company builds it, will their customers value it and buy it?” To understand the answer to this question, it is critical to know the market, know the competition, and know customer pain points. That’s why XPM2 follows the Pragmatic Marketing framework, which offers a blueprint for bringing profitable products to market.

Our Approach to Product Marketing

At XPM2, we work closely with Product Managers, R&D, Marketing, and Sales, to create a product plan that addresses critical go-to-market strategies.

Experienced in the strategy and execution of technical product launches, we are adept in conducting market assessments, competitive assessments, company SWOT analyses, and business plans. We also write buyer and user personas, develop functional requirements and use case scenarios, and prepare sales enablement collateral. Furthermore, our consultants are experienced in conducting sales alignment and channel training.

Our consultants are also well versed in product marketing concepts as defined by Profit from the Core (Zook and Allen), developing adjacency maps that charter growth from a strong business core. As well, our consultants apply the principles as outlined in Crossing the Chasm (Moore), understanding that early adopters are critical to the success of bringing cutting-edge products to market.

Examples of Product Marketing Projects

Our consultants have managed product marketing activities for small, midcap, and Fortune 500 companies. Examples of such product marketing activities include:

  • Launching nine innovative RFID solutions for a startup company, resulting in booking $2M in first year.
  • Rolling out portable, deployable, and fixed satellite terminals for a midcap company, resulting in more than $240M in annual revenue.
  • Bringing to market system management software suites for a midcap company, resulting in $300M annual revenue.
  • Defining and launching new cable/broadband service for a Top 5 Consulting firm that led to $10M revenue in first year.
  • Developing three-year and five-year growth  strategies for a Fortune 500 company (IBM), using the principles as outlined in Profit from the Core and Crossing the Chasm.
  • Conducting extensive market research, competitive analysis, and trend analysis for a Fortune 500 company (Rockwell Collins) in the SATCOM industry.
  • Meeting with industry analysts, including Gartner, Meta, and the DoD to understand market and customer adoption trends.