Post-Merger and Acquisition Integration

Too often, the deal synergies that originally brought two companies together are never realized.  This is because once the deal closes, the important work of integrating processes, systems, organizations, and cultures is not managed as a formal project with executive oversight.  And when that happens, the “tyranny of the urgent” always takes precedence over integration activities.

At XPMPartners, we utilize industry best practices to help manage the complexity that comes with integration.  To date, we have successfully assisted in over 18 company integrations.  Our methods are proven, reliable, and practical.

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Program and Project Management

In today’s world, project managers must move with speed and agility, utilizing best practices that return client value.

As members of the Project Management Institute (PMI), we understand the benefits of both traditional and agile project management.  With over thirty years of project management experience, we have worked on assignments that range from multi-million dollars to several hundred thousand.  Our experience includes managing lengthy complex technology programs, business programs, and post-merger and acquisition projects.

We combine PMI best-practices with agile principles, resulting in a rapid yet disciplined approach to managing projects.

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Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is emerging as a necessary discipline in order to ensure that interacting departmental processes support corporate strategies. As a result, more companies are focusing on defining end-to-end processes that enable customers, employees, and vendors to interact in a more efficient manner that delivers desired results. At the end of the day, all businesses exist to serve their customers. As a result, the corporate processes must deliver customer value, which ultimately leads to revenue renewal and generation.

XPM2 Process Design Practitioners are highly skilled in assisting our clients with analyzing, architecting, and implementing processes that optimize business operations. We embrace the notion that BPM is a critical business asset which must be instituted as a core internal capability, and which is sponsored by C-level executives. In order to ensure success, we also seek out opportunities to foster internal employee support, grooming individuals into process evangelist roles.

Our industry expertise includes following the best practices outlined in the BPM Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK), as well as applying Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM), and other lean methodologies as required.

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Professional Management Writing

Composing documentation that is clear, persuasive, and understandable is rarely straightforward.  Thoughtful analysis and excellent writing is required.   Even so, the demands of the market pressure writers to release their product as quickly as possible.  We succeed in delivering rapid value realization to our clients because we apply the same lean principles from project management to our writing endeavors.  As a result, we aim for simplicity, even when handling complex technical topics.

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Human Resources Integration Management

When companies merge, a range of reactions, emotions, and behaviors arise that affect various stakeholders, especially employees. 80% of M&A integration problems are a result of cultural conflicts. It is vitally important to create a unified company identity with a shared mission and values.

As companies are merging, there is an urgency to achieve integration drivers and deal synergies. This requires unification of products and solutions in the market with the ability to upsell and cross-sell, becoming revenue-accretive in a short period of time, while achieving cost-reduction synergies. The merged company must also protect the client base, ensure business continuity and quickly integrate processes and systems - including job descriptions, compensation plans, benefit plans, career paths, and HR systems.

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Product Marketing

With product marketing and product management, one of the key questions to ask is “if the company builds it, will their customers value it and buy it?” To understand the answer to this question, it is critical to know the market, know the competition, know customer pain points, and know oneself (i.e., the company’s core strengths and weaknesses). That’s why XPM2 follows the Pragmatic Marketing framework, which offers a blueprint for bringing profitable products to market.

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